Essay Writing Instruction: 5 Stages of Creating a Decent Work

Understanding the process of creating a winning essay is one thing that will greatly assist you during writing. As you study each process, you will realize how each builds on the other. Doing them in the correct order is important. However, some stages can be switched if you start out without any content. Organization is another approach that you should adopt when writing assignment. The following are five stages will help you to create a decent paper from the experience of writers:

Main idea

You need to have an idea before you start writing whether it has been assigned to you or not. An excellent piece will be about things that you are passionate about stuff that lights your fire. Pick the side of a topic that you are for and not against to make a substantial essay. If not that, you will be required to do enough research to get adequate evidence or data to back your statement. If you love sports, volunteering, domestic peace, photography, gardening, children advocacy, the homeless or hungry all these clues will give you a good paper. Use single sentences to put your idea across. This is the thesis statement. Go on and get started.


Pick a title for the essay that expresses the main idea. Strong titles include a verb. Make the title irresistible to read. Some people choose to finish writing so that they can create a title. Headings keep you in focus if you choose one before writing.


The introduction is usually short. It states your thesis statement and introduces readers to your topic. You can easily hook your readers after your title.

Body of information

This is where your argument is developed. From your researched notes, use a highlighter to mark the important ideas. Pick three top ideas and write each on its own page. Go through the ideas again and write just three supporting ideas for every key point from the notes. Now write a full paragraph on the supporting ideas from your notes. If you don’t have enough to write on the paragraphs, maybe you don’t have strong key points. Consider doing some more research.


The last paragraph of the paper will be the conclusion. It must be short and should be tied to the introduction. Since you specified the reason for the paper, you will need to summarize on how the key points back your thesis.