How to write a good introduction for an essay: 5 directions

During your high school or college, you have to include some writing portion in your work for submitting for your final grades. The grades are very important for your overall ratings and worth. The grades exactly estimate your worth and the quality learning that you have achieved. Writing for such standardized essay that affects your grades sometimes strike fears in your heart irrespective of your age and course. The reason behind it is that you don't know exact expectation and understanding of your teacher and the way to tackle them that is why most of the times students look for how to write a good introduction for an essay and all their time is consumed in the search process. Through this article, we are introducing few guidelines that are important to follow to write an excellent quality essay. Simply adhere to them and your work will be done.

Standardized test

The standardized test needs to perform in order to check the type of essay you are asked to write. You must decide among the different types what you have to write and proceed with. The different types of which you may have been asked to write can be narrative, expository, comparative, persuasive, argumentative, literacy essay and so on. Once you have chosen which type you need to write and what exactly you have to write, depending on that you have to further proceed with the work. How to write an essay introduction will depend totally on the essay type completely.


Here is the answer to your question how to write an introduction for an essay. Well! First of all, follow the above-mentioned rules. Second, you should be clear about the fact that introduction is the most important paragraph of the entire essay because it gives the main direction to it. Next, you need to inculcate the following points into it:

  • Explain the main idea
  • Develop statement and add into it
  • List the points in support of the arguments
  • Reason why you choose the topic
  • Include the above points and your paper will be awesome.